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The journey to health can be the most challenging and rewarding thing you can do for your life. By adopting a whole raw foods lifestyle, notice how I said lifestyle, NOT diet, you are able to tap in to endless energy. So throw away those sodas for a delightful fresh cold pressed fruit and/or veggie juice. Scour the produce isles of the supermarket and feel your body transition into vibrate health.
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Detox Specialist
About Kayla Jendruck
Before becoming a high RAW foodie I was all about the junk! Burgers, fries, chips, soda, 5 cent candies, you name it, I ate it. About a year after moving out of my parents place I started to have some health concerns. I was lethargic all the time, numbness in my hands and feet, irritable bowel, foginess, slight depression, lack of motivation, ichy everywhere, dry skin, acne, harsh cramps during menstration, and more. It seemed that every doctor I went to, allopathic or naturopathic, didnt quite have the answers to the health problems I was having. I was trapped in the revolving door of the medical system. I decided to take my health into my own hands, not wanting to conform to taking medication for the rest of my life just to make it through the day. After trying different diets and taking various health courses I found the "golden key" to health, RAW LIVING FOODS! :D
These courses were taken at the International School of Detoxification, taught by Dr. Robert Morse (N.D., D.Sc., M.H.).
Level 1: Detoxification Specialist
Level 2: Advanced Detoxification Specialist
The courses below were studied at The Health & Science Academy.
Nutritional Therapist
Sports and Exercise Nutrtion
Detox Specialist
Currently ongoing: Advanced Clinical Weight-Loss Practitioner
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